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Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, which is the only dentistry school in Agean Region, was established in the leadership of Dean Prof.Dr. İsmail ULUTAŞ, in the year of 1969. The Faculty which has three main buildings, designed upon the changing needs of education and research, took its final shape in the year of 1995. Ege University Faculty of Dentistry is being carried on to 21st Century with its education quality and professional staff. Over 625 number of students are educated with the 5 year Master's Degree Program, by over 300 number of academician, clinician and researcher; plus over 200 number of personnel. Until today about 3317 "Dentists" have been graduated from the faculty since its first graduates in the year of 1973. The duration of education, at our faculty which accepts about 130 students; is total of 6 years, as one year English Prep. class and five years of dentistry education. The number of students enrolled at our Faculty is about 700. 67 Professors, 17 Associate Professors and 132 Research Assistants are contiuning the education, patient treatment and research activities at 8 different departments : Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery; Oral and Maxillofacial Prothesis; Orthodontics; Pedodontics; Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology; Conservative Dentistry ; Endodontics. About 25,000 patients are being treated at our technologically constantly renewed clinics through out the year. Recently, with its technical equipment, great achievements in education and research put our faculty among the number one dentistry faculties that are preferred by the high school graduates. The number of units, that are renewed based upon the recent technology, at our faculty is 213 and on avarage the student/unit ratio is 1/1. A reassuring treatment environment is created for our patients through technically renewed clinics. All education needs of our students and researchers are faciliated with our contemporary Phantom Lab., Research Lab. with a SEM Microscope, Biochemistry Lab., Computer Lab., and a library. Through Erasmus Program, and Bilateral Agreements between Universities and Dental Schools in Germany, The Netherlands, Portugese, France, U.S.A. and our Dental School and University, create education opportunities students and research opportunities for our academicians. Our Faculty is the first dental school that got involved in Erasmus Program that has been designed by EU. The exchange via Erasmus Program between Ege University Faculty of Dentistry and Porto University Faculty of Dentistry (Portugese) has started in 2002; Radboud University Faculty of Dentistry (The Netherlands) in 2005; Strasbourg Universirty Faculty of Dentistry (France) in 2005; Giessen University Faculty of Dentistry (Germany) in 2010 and since than10 students from all these universities have come to our faculty and 8 of our students have gone to these faculties for education. As a candidate for EU, Turkey is following the developments of universities and education programs of EU countries. In light of this aim, our faculty has become a member of ADEE (Association for Dental Education in Europe) and DENTED which is directly affiliated with EU. Our Faculty is present in every meeting and organization of ADEE and DENTED as the first member faculty among the other dentistry faculties in Turkey. Our faculty is involved in very intensive research actvities within the last years. Our faculty members and also very valuable scholars from around the world get the chance to attend national and international scientific and academiz organizations. The intensive research activities have contributed to the remarkable increase in number of papers that are issued in prestigous science journals since 2006. Besides this, researchers from our faculty continue their studies in many national and international projects. The resources that we have, the point that we have come concerning the level of education and patient care, shed a light on our plans about the future.




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