School of Dentistry


Department of Endodontics includes ; determining etiology , diagnosis and treatment of diseases of dental pulp ( vessel-nerve package) and periapical (surrounding tissues of root-end) tissues. Due to deep and large caries or mechanical or thermal traumas teeth might loose their vitality and root canal treatment might be needed. Most of the times endodontic therapy is the last chance of this kind of teeth. That is why today our departments importance has grown as people care about their oral health more and more. Our department’s responsibility as being an education institution  we give utmost/maximum care about our intern students’ education.

Also our  phd and master education programs are also continues. Studies and researches done in our department are published in both national and international journals and presented in symposiums and congresses every year.

Clinical applications in our department;

Vital pulp therapies

Preventive and endodontic treatments in traumatic dental injuries

Root canal treatment

Root canal retreatment

Intra-canal post application

Maintaining root development in immature teeth with open apex (open root end)

Root canal treatments in immature teeth with open apex (open root end)

Devital bleaching

Apical resection