School of Dentistry

Department Of Prosthethics


Prosthetic dental  education is given for 5 years in our department. Prosthetics covers a large area of ​​theoretical and practical five-year dental education.  Besides 5 year dental education , in order to train specialist/expert dentists, our department provides both 4 year prosthetic phd education and master education. In Ege University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Prosthethics, following the latest scientific and technological innovations ;

Crown-bridge prosthesis (Zirconia, glass ceramic , metal fused )

Removable Prosthesis ( Total and partial prosthesis)

Precision Attachement Crown and Prosthesis

Implant Based Prosthesis ( Fixed and Removable Prosthesis)


Computer Aided Design – Computer Aided Manufacture Prosthesis (CAD-CAM)

Maxillofacial Prosthesis (Obturator , Eye-Ear Prosthesis , Snoring Appliance )

Inlay , Onlay

Laminate Veneer


Protecting Night Guard ( for bruxism and teeth grinding)

Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint disfunction

Adhesive fiber bridges (without tooth preparation)

Repairing ceramics in mouth

Prosthesis in children with congenitally missing teeth

Prosthetic treatment of geriatric patients

Are being done routinely and patients’ , who are  coming to our clinic , missing teeth , loss of dental tooth structures , aesthethics, occlusion , temporomandibular joint , jaw-face, phonation , sleep apnoea , snoring and problems like allergy are being solved in our clinic.